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Beta [ Überdash beta and test downloads. ]

Überdash Beta 20110508
Author John Boero
Author website
Description This is the public beta download for Mawenzy Überdash. It is released under the LGPL for testing purposes and is not a general release. The general release target is June 4, 2011.

To install Überdash, extract this zip and run setup.exe. On a fresh install, Überdash will have no plugins loaded. To load some of the base plugins, run Mawenzy from the start menu and double-click the Überdash icon that appears in your task bar. If no icon appears, or there is an error dialog, there may be a problem with your video drivers. Please report this on if you can't resolve it. A successful double-click to the Überdash icon will bring up the options dialog, where you can click "Install plugins..." and browse to the MawenzyBasePlugins.dll file. Double click it. Then you will be presented a list of the plugins available from MawenzyBase. The bare minimum plugin should be WinDesktop, which mimics default Windows behavior. From there, feel free to add and test other plugins and enable them by checking them in the options window. Keep in mind that plugins render from the bottom up. Use the up and down arrows to re-arrange plugins as you want to see them. If you place a background at the top of your plugin list, it will render over all other plugins. Good luck!
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Filesize 2.26 MB
Date Sunday 08 May 2011 - 22:44:07
Downloads 407
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